The Social Threat | Too Far Single Cover

Step 1


The Social Threat is a punk rock band from Medicine Hat, AB. The primary meaning behind the song Too Far is focussed on the problem of people and society being too polarized and separated from people who think differently than them. The goal of the artwork was to show two objects that were fundamentally the same but were being pushed or pulled apart.

Step 2

Too Far Scales Sketch


Too Far Icarus Wings Sketch

Icarus Wings

Too Far Shaking Hands Sketch

Shaking Hands

Too Far Magnets Sketch


With the idea of opposing groups being separated, we discovered that there’s a positive and a negative way to express that. Negatively, the objects of each group could be repulsed by each other, pushing each other away even though they are fundamentally the same. Positively, the objects of each group could be attracted to each other, but something could be holding them back.

After exploring some sketches, The Social Threat decided to try and express this idea in a more positive light.

Step 3

Too Far Magnets Sketch

Chosen Composition

Too Far Work-In-Progress Compositions

Once the concept of the magnets was chosen, the composition of the artwork needed some fine tuning.

We started with the chosen compositional sketch and then worked our way down to the final artwork through multiple rounds of edits; choosing color schemes, type treatments, adjusting the weight of each element, and playing with extra decor.

Step 4

The Social Threat | Too Far Single Artwork

We landed on something very close to the chosen compositional sketch. We stumbled an interesting type treatment in the process that we felt expressed the idea of the single all on its own. Since we felt the typography was strong and expressive, we scaled back the size of the magnets to let the typography take center stage.

Too Far Magnets India Ink Wash
Too Far Sharpie Typography

Step 5


What’s a new song without a video? We created this video along with Cochrane Film and wanted to visually express the idea of the two opposite sides being virtually identical, yet never coming in contact with each other. The goal was to keep everything really simple, utilizing the same font family from the single cover artwork, making it big and bold.

Too Far Available Now Banner
Too Far Coming Soon

Creating Facebook and Instagram images to promote the release of the single was a simple process utilizing the elements of the single artwork.

The Social Threat
Too Far Single Artwork

The Social Threat is a punk rock band from Medicine Hat, AB. The creative brief for the Too Far single artwork was to represent the idea of polarization and separation between things that are similar in some capacity.

CLIENT: The Social Threat

RELEASE DATE: February, 2 2018


TASKS:Single Artwork Design, Release Promotional Materials Design