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March 23, 2018
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February 23, 2018
Coffee Club Logo

Step 1


The primary objective for Coffee Club was to create a brand that represents their goal of creating a community around coffee (hence the very literal name Coffee Club). Part of creating that community includes educating people about everything coffee, from production to all the ways to make and enjoy it. Out of the gate, the partners at Coffee Club wanted to create something similar to the inclusion and loyalty of European football clubs. In thinking about the idea of education, naturally the idea of universities came up. We found a obvious link to those two primary ideas in the way people feel about university sports teams.

GOAL: Brand that plays off of the idea of vintage university sports teams.

BRAND ATTITUDE: Fun / Nostalgic / Simple / Welcoming

Step 2

Hooked CC SketchHooked CC Concept

CC Monogram

Coffee Club Pennant SketchCC Pennant Concept

CC Pennant

Abstract Beans SketchAbstract Coffee Beans Concept

Abstract Coffee Beans

Simple Owl SketchCoffee Club Owl Concept

Owl Icon

We found the idea of the interlocking CC Monogram was too generic on it’s own; although it would end up being used in other capacities as the final brand filled out. The CC Pennant concept had potential, but seemed to be a better application strategy than a concept that could hold it’s own. The goal of the Abstract Coffee Beans mark was to create something that could be put on a crest or would be seen on a college ring or pin, but ended up being too formal for the attitude Coffee Club wanted to present.

The idea of an owl was born out of the idea for sports teams’ mascots. If Coffee Club was a university, what would it’s mascot be? The answer was an owl. It represented the education aspect (owls are associated with being wise), and their eyes are huge like when you’re over-caffeinated!

Step 3

CC Owl Minimal Style

Minimal Owl

CC Relief Owl Head Style

Relief Owl Head

CC Full Owl Style

Full Illustrative Owl

I’m a firm believer in simpler logos being better, but this concept pushed me out of my box. The Minimal Owl style could be seen as a university seal, but it wasn’t playful enough. The Relief Owl Head style felt simplified enough, but seemed to remind us of too many other brands.

The Full Illustrative Owl style had the right amount of character. It felt “vintage-y” enough to fit the brand attitude, while not falling into the vintage logo design trend. This style also felt over-the-top stuffy, which could be played as not taking itself too seriously.

Step 4

Coffee Club Logo
Coffee Club Logo Variation
Coffee Club Logo Variation

After exploring a couple different poses for the owl, we settled on the original pose from the previous step. I cleaned up the illustration, while still maintaining an organic feel. I knew that there would be a lot of opportunities to use this logo as a badge, so we created a version of the logo with the owl’s head in a circle. This also trimmed down the height of the logo to be used in a more rigid horizontal format.

Coffee Club Logo Stacked
Coffee Club Logo Overlay
Coffee Club Logo Arc
Coffee Club Logo Badge

Step 5

Coffee Club Player Box and Product
Coffee Club Tape Text
Coffee Club Stamps
Coffee Club Box Insert
Coffee Club Bag
Coffee Club Jeep Decal
Coffee Club Pennant Cards

Since Coffee Club is an online coffee subscription start-up, packaging and an online store were the two biggest components that needed to be designed (and on a budget, to boot). Ethical business practices are close to the heart of Coffee Club, so they wanted the packaging to be recyclable. In order to accomplish that goal on a budget, we decided to design some stamps to use on our boxes and coffee bags and fully embrace the brown kraft look.

Visit the Coffee Club website and take a look around: gocoffeeclubgo.com

Coffee Club Website Homepage

Coffee Club Brand

Coffee Club is an online, Canadian coffee subscription company. The creative brief was to create a brand that lives somewhere between European football clubs and vintage Ivy League universities. Somewhere along the process, I knew Coffee Club could use a mascot of sorts.

CLIENT: Coffee Club

DATE: November 2017

WEBSITE: gocoffeeclubgo.com

TASKS: Create Brand, Create Online Store, Design Packaging