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March 13, 2018
Kyle Church | To Live Again EP Artwork
Kyle Church | To Live Again EP Artwork
February 3, 2017
Heart's Content "Crutch" Single Artwork

Step 1


One of the main lyrical themes of the song Crutch is expressing the singer’s dependance on someone else as the thing that’s keeping winter at bay. Heart’s Content asked for artwork that could represent this idea through something that utilizes nature to portray the changing of the seasons.

Step 2

Crutch Branches Sketch

Crutches Made of Branches

Sun Tracks Sketch

Sun Tracks

Frozen Leaf Sketch

Frozen Leaf

Since Heart’s Content is a hardcore band, I wanted all the sketches to be straight-forward, strong, and graphic. In my previous work with Heart’s Content, I had utilized a rough illustration look-and-feel. (See Heart’s Content Casket T-Shirt, and Heart’s Content Gaslamp Lighthouse Tanktop) That was the same technique I planned to use for the very literal “Crutches Made of Branches” sketch. Song titled “Crutch” + nature = Crutches Made of Branches

The “Sun Tracks” sketch came from those pinhole photographs that span months and capture the changing of the sun’s track across the sky. (If you haven’t seen those photos, do yourself a favour and Google Image Search Pinhole Camera Sun Tracks.) The difference in the sun tracks is a visual measure of the changing of the seasons.

The idea for the “Frozen Leaf” sketch would be an image of something that represents autumn out of time in another season. Instead of chasing a literal idea of seasons transitioning, I wanted to express what it looks like once that’s already happened.

Step 3

Dried Leaves
Leaf In Water
Leaf In Ice
Leaf In Ice Backlit

The songwriter wrote this song at a park on the edge of Medicine Hat. So, I went to that park and collected some dead leaves (in the dead of winter, I might add). It took several tries to get the dead leaves to freeze in a block of ice in a way that would display the characteristics of the ice while still having the clarity I wanted. Once I had the leaf frozen, it was just a matter of back-lighting the block of ice and photographing it before it melted.

Step 4

Heart's Content "Crutch" Single Artwork

Heart’s Content previous EP’s artwork had a “Polaroid” layout that the band wanted to continue to use on this Single. Other than adding a bit of color to the photo, very little editing was done. Since album artwork is most often viewed very small on our phones, we just wanted a strong, bold image that was easily recognized when tiny. This simple image accomplished that goal.

Step 5

Heart's Content New Single Coming Banner
Heart's Content New Single Coming Square

Heart’s Content requested some promotional materials to use on social media to promote the Single’s release. When photographing the cover, I took some extra photos from different angles with different lighting to get some more options of images that could stay consistent with the artwork.

Heart’s Content
Crutch Single Artwork

Heart’s Content is a melodic hardcore band from Medicine Hat, Alberta. The creative brief for the Single Artwork was to create a cover that represented the changing of seasons.

CLIENT: Heart’s Content

RELEASE DATE: February 23, 2018


TASKS: Design Single Artwork, Design Release Promotional Materials