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Premium Sausage Old Logo
Premium Sausage New Logo

Step 1


The primary objective for Premium Sausage was to create a new brand that represented their heritage while pushing them forward. What was really interesting about this project was that Premium Sausage’s target demographic ranged from the hunter that wanted to get his kill processed to the health conscious eater that cares about what’s in their food. This new logo needed to be on trend and somewhat old-fashioned at the same time.

Premium Sausage has been in operation since 1990 and they wanted their heritage to come through in the new brand. They are also located in a rebuilt grain elevator, and they wanted to pay homage to that.

GOAL: New brand that represents Premium Sausage’s heritage.

BRAND ATTITUDE: Timeless / Crafted / Nostalgic / Trusted / Simple / Sincere

Step 2

Premium Sausage Grill Crest SketchPremium Sausage Grill Crest Concept

Grill Crest

Premium Sausage Ends SketchPremium Sausage Ends Concept

Sausage Ends

Premium Sausage Alberta Cleaver SketchPremium Sausage Alberta Cleaver Concept

Alberta Cleaver

The Grill Crest concept was born out of a combination of the the shape of a grain elevator and grill marks. There were several more simplified versions of this concept than the one shown, but I wanted to present Premium Sausage with a brand that could also be fun. The Sausage Ends concept was just the simple idea of capping off any text with sausage ends. This brand could be expanded to contain any text between the sausage ends.

The Alberta Cleaver concept came out of just mashing the idea of Alberta and a meat cleaver together. Surprisingly, there weren’t any other brands doing that (at least to my research).

It’s not often that several concepts can go together, but in this situation it worked out. Premium Sausage wanted to keep the shape of the crest from the Grill Crest concept, and combine it with the Alberta Cleaver idea. They liked the literal allusion to the grain elevator, but wanted to add more to it.

Step 3

Premium Sausage Western Line Style

Western Line

Premium Sausage Thick Outline Style

Thick Outline Cleaver

Premium Sausage Crossed Cleavers

Crossed Cleavers

With the Western Line style, I was looking for something that felt like it could belong on a belt buckle. The weaving lines resemble a grain elevator and have a western vibe, but also feel Art Deco at the same time.

Honestly, the Thick Outline Cleaver was the logo I was pushing for Premium Sausage to go after. When presenting multiple options, I won’t present anything that wouldn’t work or I wouldn’t be happy making. But I always have a favorite. And the Thick Outline Cleaver was mine. I wanted to work the grain elevator idea into the supporting branding elements, but not have it a focal point of the logo.

The Crossed Cleavers style was ultimately chosen since it most explicitly checked off all the items on our list of criteria; which isn’t a bad way to select a logo. Branding is about communication, and this hits all the marks, and looks good doing it. One of the things I highly considered was the mono-weight nature of all the lines and the consistent radius of all the corners. I wanted to make sure this logo could stand on it’s own when used as a sign on their shop.

Step 4

Premium Sausage Logo Solid
Premium Sausage Logo Outline

There weren’t many changed once the logo style was selected. After tightening up the math, I created a version with the crest outlined so the logo wouldn’t always be so dense and heavy. I also created some alternate logos for specific situations. I always make a logo variation that will work well in horizontal spaces. And the logo without the cleavers will work at smaller sizes than the primary logo can.

Premium Sausage Crossed Cleavers
Premium Sausage Horizontal Logo
Premium Sausage Crest

Step 5

Premium Sausage Icons
Premium Sausage Colored Textures
Premium Sausage Patterns

Since Premium Sausage has to package a variety of meat products, I created a variety of icons that they could use depending on size and shape of the packaging. I also created repeatable textures based on butcher paper and repeatable patterns based on the Alberta Cleaver and picnic table cloths. I wanted the supporting brand elements to feel like a summer BBQ.

Premium Sausage Envelope
Premium Sausage Letterhead
Premium Sausage Business Cards
Premium Sausage Business Cards, Envelope, and Keychain
Premium Sausage Summer Sausage Ad
Premium Sausage Small Batch Ad

Premium Sausage Rebrand

Premium Sausage is more than just a butcher shop. Along with selling meat and other sundries, they make custom to-order sausage. The brief was to rebrand Premium Sausage in a way that highlights their past, while pushing them forward.

CLIENT: Premium Sausage

DATE: June 2017

TASKS: Rebrand, Design Brand Collateral