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Three Birds Tour Poster

Step 1


In the fall of 2016, Christa Wells, Jess Ray, and Taylor Leonhardt (singer-songwriters based out of Raleigh, North Carolina) went on tour together. Calling the tour the Three Birds Tour could have lead to the ever-present “birds on a power line” image. We actively wanted to avoid that cliche by exploring ideas that represented the idea of a bird without actually showing one.

Step 2

Three Birds Tour Poster Sketches

My primary line of brainstorming was along the lines of trying to find ideas that represented birds without actually showing birds (eg. feathers, eggs, nests, birdhouses, birdbaths, etc.). The combination of trying to find a representation of a bird and then multiplying it by 3 lead to some interesting ideas and compositions.

The outlier in this collection of sketches is the 3 birds all facing each other. I was interested in seeing what kind of patterns could be created when the shape of a bird was simplified.

Step 3

3 Feathers Crossed Composition 1

Feathers Crossed 1

3 Feathers Crossed Composition 2

Feathers Crossed 2

Cuckoo Clock Composition 1

Cuckoo Clock 1

Cuckoo Clock Composition 2

Cuckoo Clock 2

We narrowed the ideas for the tour poster to the 3 crossed feathers and a cuckoo clock with 3 doors.

At this point, my goal was to land on an aesthetic that the clients wanted. With the 3 feathers compositions, I wanted to show how the poster could look if it was more graphic vs text-based. With the cuckoo clock compositions, both would be illustrative, but the first composition was more folk-y while the second composition had more of a 50s vibe.

Step 4

Three Birds Tour Poster Layers

We landed on the concept of the cuckoo clock with three doors illustrated in a more folk-y style. The “Three Birds” felt that it matched the aesthetic of their music the most.

The poster was designed to be able to be screen printed in three colors as a keepsake. And for promotional purposes, the poster was digitally reproduced with a space below the cuckoo clock for details on the event.

Step 5

Three Birds Tour Facebook Banner

Along with the poster artwork, banners and images were created to promote the tour through Facebook, Instagram, and the clients’ websites. Above is an example of the Facebook banner for some of the tour dates.

Three Birds
Tour Poster

Christa Wells, Jess Ray, and Taylor Leonhardt are singer-songwriters based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. In the fall of 2016, they went on tour together. The creative brief for the Three Birds Tour was to come up with an illustration to be used to promote the tour without relying on a literal representation of three birds.

CLIENT: Christa Wells, Jess Ray, Taylor Leonhardt

RELEASE DATE: September, 2016


TASKS: Poster Illustration and Design, Design Promotional Materials